I have been a massive fan of online casino gaming for many years, and of slot machines in particular. There’s something special about slot machines in the gambling world, they’re the only games that keep evolving at a fast pace, which means that there are always new games to try out, and with every new launch of a game you will see new features that makes the games feel fresh and exciting. I want to write down a few tips for you people who like to play the slot machines. This will not be a “How to get rich playing slots”-guide – I am aware that there is no real way of “beating” the slots. But rather, I’d like to give you some general tips on where to find good slot machines and how to make the most out of your experience.

My first tip would be to be a bit picky when it comes to choosing a casino. Pretty much every casino has a slot section, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the slots are any good. With so many casinos to choose from, you might as well play at the very best casinos, as there’s no real difference in price or anything, so why settle for something that is average? In my own opinion, and most of the other slot lovers out there, the one game developer that really is far beyond everyone else when it comes to slot machines is the Swedish company net Entertainment. You can find loads of NetEnt casinos at a site called casinoonline.re (or click here for their facebook page). They have pretty much dominated the world of slot machines for several years, and I think that their slots are better than everything else. Not only are they extremely good when it comes to graphics and performance, but they are also the industry’s most creative game makers, and their game are always full of unique and interesting features, which makes every game stand out from the crowd.

My second tip would be about the special features. Make sure to play the slots that are the most exciting – don’t settle for a boring three reel Vegas-style slot with bells and cherries. Instead, choose a slot that offers other features, such as wild-symbols, bonus rounds, free spins, scatter symbols and other special things that gives the slot machine that nice edge. In my experience, it’s these little things that make the slot experience worthwhile! Eurogambler is a good place to find casinos that offers newly launched slot machines!

Another great tip is to sniff out slot machines with high progressive jackpots. Although it would probably be a mistake to play these machines with the sole intention of hitting the jackpot as, after all, the chances of winning them are so incredibly small. However, knowing that you actually do have a chance, no matter how tiny, actually makes the game a lot more exciting. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increases every time someone plays the machine. A small portion of every bet goes in to the jackpot, and with some slots being popular enough to have thousands of players playing them every day, these jackpots increase quite a lot. It’s not that uncommon for a jackpot to be of up to €10.000.000. A few tips for progressive slots are The Mega Moolah, Mega fortune and Arabian Nights. You can find plenty of slots with high progressive jackpots on this link!

The most important tip, as obvious as it might sound, is to have fun in the end. I see far too many players aimlessly sitting at the slot machines losing money and they don’t even seem to be enjoying themselves. I my opinion, you should play slots because you think that it’s fun, and you should be able to have fun whether you win or not!